#65: 5 Paradigm Shifts That Happen After Quitting Your Job

#65: 5 Paradigm Shifts That Happen After Quitting Your Job

Written by Terry

Topics: Podcast

Many blogs talk about leaving your job, but few discuss what happens right after. In this episode, I discuss five paradigm shifts that happen to your life right after quitting your job and taking the leap.

Topics Discussed:

  • 03:00 – Why this episode?
  • 04:00 – My story before I quit my job
  • 05:00 – Personal finance is the ground zero of entrepreneurship
  • 06:00 – Event vs. process of quitting your job
  • 06:30 – #1: Time
  • 08:00 – #2: Health
  • 09:00 – #3: Finances
  • 10:30 – #4: Comfort zones
  • 13:00 – #5: Law of averages

Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 16:57


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  • asiabiz1

    Just shared your podcast, and great points Terry. I definitely think that you need at least 6 – 12 months saving before you go “full-time” into running your own biz. I`m sure this podcast can help a lot of people interested in making the jump. Don`t know if you already read ideamensch.com but that`s another place I get great ideas aside from a select few podcasts like Buildmyonlinestore.com
    Keep it up!

    • Thanks Howard, certainly a lot more details I could go into but perhaps for a later episode!

  • Wes Grasty


    Interested to know what made you choose Big Commerce over Shopify.

    • Mostly the ability to make changes to the checkout page and some more features out of the box rather than adding a bunch of 3rd party apps to get it up to speed.