Jan 2015 Calls Now Open: The E-Commerce Mafia

We are now accepting new members for the Jan 2015 round of mastermind calls. If you’d like to join this round of calls, reserve your tickets below and Terry will get in touch on the dates and arrangements. As a bonus, you will also get lifetime access to the membership forum, where we post the call notes and discuss other topics about your business.

There is also a special $25K/mo+ group for more established businesses.

We want this to be a place of pride, empowerment, and profit. A home where you feel like you belong – to talk business and get feedback, socialize and meet new people, or just hang out to blow some steam. It’s more than just a forum, community, or audience.

It’s a mafia.




How The E-Commerce Mafia Will Give You Insider Knowledge


At the heart of it is your mastermind calls. Two or more minds working openly together focused on solving a problem is much better than one. These calls take place every two weeks through Google Hangouts, hosted by either Terry or Travis.

We have four groups listed below, each named after a famous movie based in that timezone.

  • Goodfellas – USA Eastern Time: 7:00PM on Sundays (Hosted by Travis)
  • Snatch – EU London Time: 7:00PM on Mondays (Hosted by Travis)
  • Pulp Fiction – USA Pacific Time: 7:00PM on Wednesdays (Hosted by Terry)
  • Hard Boiled – APAC Tokyo Time: 7:00PM on Thursdays (Hosted by Terry)



Join A Private Meeting Of E-Commerce Dons After Every Call


There will also be a private, members only forum called The Bunker for follow-up discussions, meeting other members, and a place to review call notes that will have untold gems to help grow your business. You’ll be able to stay within our inner circle and hang out, organize future events, or get input on any business challenge you have down the road.

With a group of incredible people that will also help you grow as an entrepreneur, this is where you belong.

For a one-time investment of $99 USD (all inclusive) you will gain access to two months of mastermind calls, and lifetime access to our private forums with other e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Requirements To Join The Mafia


  • You have an online store up and running with monthly revenues of at least $2,500.
  • You own the brand, manufacturing, or inventory. No drop-shipping.
  • You are willing to have open and candid discussions about your business.




How Your Mafia Roundtable Will Be Run


On every call you will get twenty minutes in the hotseat, where other mafia members will act as your board of directors so that you get different perspectives on tackling your biggest business problems.

  • 10 Minutes – Welcome and Weekly Update
  • 20 Minutes – Hotseat #1
  • 20 Minutes – Hotseat #2
  • 20 Minutes – Hotseat #3
  • 20 Minutes – Hotseat #4
  • 20 Minutes – Hotseat #5
  • 10 Minutes – Accountability goals for next week

After each meeting call notes will be added to the restricted forums for further reference and discussion with other members.





Here’s How To Reserve A Spot


1) When you click the button below, you will be taken to a payment form to process your membership dues. This is a one-time fee at $99 USD – a steal when you consider people will be paying quarterly in the future.

2) After your payment has been completed, you’ll be redirected to a survey with some questions about your background, online store, and time zone. Please select which group works the best for you and we will confirm your attendance.

3) We are looking for e-commerce entrepreneurs with monthly revenues of at least $2,500 USD where they own the brand, manufacturing, and inventory. That means no drop-shippers.

Click the button below to purchase the one-time ticket price of $99 USD.This will take you to a checkout page where you can lock this in and get started.

If there are any questions not addressed here, please let us know via memberships@ecommercemafia.com



With respect and honor,

Terry Lin
The Godfather

Travis Marziani
The Underboss

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