#13: The Smart Baker – Wonder What It’s Like To Be On The Shark Tank?

#13: The Smart Baker – Wonder What It’s Like To Be On The Shark Tank?

Written by Terry

Topics: Podcast

Find out in my followup interview with Daniel and Stephanie Rensing at The Smart Baker. The Smart Baker was officially founded in 2009 by Daniel and Stephanie Rensing, but it was years in the making. Every time they entered the kitchen, they would search for an easier, smarter and more efficient way of doing things.

Their product lines include aprons, towels, cupcake towers, cake pop stands, pre-cut parchment paper and more. Before you listen to this episode, take 10 minutes first to watch their appearance on the Shark Tank (link) :

Topics Discussed:

  • Being on the Shark Tank – Before, During, and After
  • The right mindset for pitching investors and business partners
  • Lessons learned from being on the Shark Tank
  • How to leverage supplier relationships for better pricing in new products
  • How print marketing is still viable in some markets
  • How to leverage offline channels of marketing
  • The marketing challenges of a broad customer base
  • The #1 red flag that investors look out for
  • Challenges of scaling of a business with ~$1M in revenues
  • Challenges of cash flow and product creation
  • Capitalizing on media, offline, and their Shark Tank appearance

Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 46:30


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