As mentioned in Episode #172, Travis has been hosting weekly accountability calls with other listeners of BMOS. This year in 2016 he is adding a monthly roundtable, where all members will do a deep dive into a specific topic and come back to share their takeaways with everyone in the group. If you’re looking to join weekly calls to stay accountable, meet new people, and learn new things to apply to your business – this might be the group you’re looking for.


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1) Grouped By Revenue

A big part of what makes mastermind groups work is having members at similar levels in business. A store owner making $1M in annual sales will not get a lot of useful advice from someone just starting out. That leads to a lot of hand holding which eventually leads to burnout. We will organize groups strictly based off revenue numbers so there is more harmony with each member’s business experience.


2) Weekly Format

Our previous calls were done on a bi-weekly basis which was a bit too long for some folks. People would eventually forget and the commitment of the group would decline. This time we are going to do it on a fixed weekly schedule to build in more structure and consistency of the calls.


3) Weekly Hotseat

In previous calls, we gave every member 15-20 minutes every call to discuss their updates and anything they needed help with. This time around each member will get one entire hour each week, with other members listening intently to help you out. By having an hour, we can get real deep into the issues and iron them out.


4) Private Facebook Group

Our previous forum was a bit too tedious to manage as members had to login and remember their passwords every time they signed up. Plus learning a new platform and getting used to it was more challenging than we thought, so this time we will use a private Facebook group to keep folks in touch. There’s just a lot less platform friction by having everyone on Facebook given it’s ruling popularity among social media apps.


5) Quarterly Recurring Fee

For the initial group we wanted to make it a no-brainer deal to join with a one-time fee. That worked well for the beginning but ended up having issues with long term commitments. Once you made the payment there were no consequences for missing mastermind calls, so we’re changing the structure to quarterly subscription so folks can stay committed and focus on the long-term. Of course, the option is free to cancel anytime.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Requirements?

You must have an online store, as for the revenues we will group you with folks around similar levels. Ideally you should be having $10,000+ or more in sales per month to really get value out of this group.

What If You Can’t Find A Suitable Group?

If we can’t find a group that matches your level of experience we will refund 100% your money.


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